Covering certain essentials that your provincial health care plan may include, such as prescription drugs, antibiotics or medical travel expenses, these expenses can become extremely expensive if you don’t have proper health care coverage.

You could buy a plan for yourself and your family which takes care of these expenses. These plans come with a cost which gets incorporated in your monthly budget and evenly spread throughout the year. Some things such as dental care including regular check-ups and cleaning minimize the chances of things going too bad. If you do not have a plan that covers this, you usually postpone meeting a dentist till a tiny cavity has reached the stage of a root canal.

Some companies offer plans that are pre-packaged and others offer plans that could be tailor made according to you needs. The cost of the plan depends upon the benefits and the deductibles that you choose. Usually personal extended-healthcare plans do not cover pre-existing medical conditions which are covered by Group plans.

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